Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Interior pics.

(August 21st, 2007)

I finally have time to take some interior pictures. For 10 years old car, I would say interior condition is pretty decent.

This is the two tone grey interior with grey leather. It has the normal front seats, which is much more comfortable than the 'Vader' sport seats. Note the special M color bands on the seats.

Here is another view of the front cabin. Nothing fancy, just well maintained and kept clean through out the years. Another M trivia: If you look closely at the steering wheel, the leather stitching is actually done with M's three colors!

Here are some door pictures for completeness:

Left front door.

Left rear door.

Right front door plus front cabin.

Right rear door.

View of the rear cabin. Note the special M3 step plate. I seriously doubt that it offered any performance advantages, but perhaps it channels rain water away more efficiently.

View of the rear seats. Noticed the M color bands again.

View of the front seats. As you can tell already, this cabin layout offers good visibility, with good amount of open space without feeling cramped. The seats are fully adjustable to accomodate tall and short drivers, including an extendable seat cushion in the front.

Again, if anyone is interested, please see my first post for contact information.

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