Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Engine bay pic and Q&A.

(August 28th, 2007)

Per request, here is a picture of the engine bay. In addition to BMW's powerful M3 engine, there is Dinan's front strut tower brace to provide structural integrity, and Dinan's carbon fiber cold air intake (CAI). If you are not familiar with Dinan (try google), Dinan is one of the premier performance part manufacturer for BMW. In fact, you can go into authorized BMW dealership today and order your car with Dinan parts on it, with factory warranty.

Not visible in this picture is BMW's X brace below the engine bay that strengthen chassis stiffness, which further enhances the performance of the car.

All these goodies were purchased by the original owner, and I simply inherit it.

Another question I received is concerning track use. I have never raced or track this car, but I believe the original owner may have done autocross before. I did do a day of BMW's car control clinic with the M3, which was fantastic! Instructor teaches you car control basic like proper seating position, weight transfer, at the limit emergency lane change, and emergency braking, all in the safety of big empty parking lot and slightly dented orange cones. If you have never taken a driving course other than your standard highschool driver's Ed, I highly recommend the program. It is relatively cheap, and I can guarantee you that it is worth the money.

I am a non-smoker, with no pets. As stated before, I do have a 2.5 yrs old son, who doesn't make a mess in the car. I think the interior pics already tells the story.

As for exterior, yes, after 10 years, there are some tiny rock chips on the hood, a handful of dings here and there, but no paint chipping or fading. It isn't a concourse winner, but neither am I asking for concourse winner price. I think it is a good car that adds a splash of excitement to driving pleasure.

In terms of equipment, it has sunroof, original alarm plus LoJack (installed by original owner), heated front seats, BMW 6 disks CD changer. It does not have the folded rear seat option, which in my opinion, lowers the structural stiffness of the chassis.

The car originally is from East Coast, so it does have the normal undercarriage rust, which according to my mechanic, is also common for cars along the foggy coastline in San Francisco. All the mechanical parts are in good running order.

The car does have clean title, and yes price is negotiable. My goal isn't to make a profit; I simply want to pass it on to someone who can enjoy and appreciate owning a M3. Everyone can search on Edmunds.com or KBB to find the most current info, and given the low mileage of the car, I think I am fair in my asking price.

FYI, I just posted on craigstlist today (August 28th, 2007), and I am already getting many inquiries. Please be patient if I haven't gotten back to you right away. Thank you.

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